Shield to Protect
Peelable protective coatings for construction - protect building assets during construction

We're peelable protective coatings experts

Shield to Protect™ creates film that protects your assets during construction or renovation.

Let us do your protecting and sealing for your next site 

Shield to Protect™ help home builders, commercial businesses, renovators  in the Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and North Gold Coast areas with peelable protective coatings or films that cover building assets.

Shield to Protect™ and let everyone get on with their job

Everyone is busy on a construction site. Slips, scratches and spills are a part of building any project that create unwanted cost to a job.

Shield to Protect™ has the expertise and technical know-how to apply peelable protective coatings sealant to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, windows and doors (including window and door frames and tracks).

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Seal & protect site assets

Peelable protective coatings
  • Windows 
  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Bench tops
  • Bathtubs & basins

How we work with peelable, protective coatings on your site

Shield to Protect™ apply the peelable coating in a liquid form that rapidly dries to form a durable, protective skin to protect windows, doors, bench tops, basins and floors during construction. Our peelable coating can be applied by spraying, roller or brush. It's fast and very effective with coatings providing that protection to valuable assets after installation.

Peelable protective coatings

The peelable coating can also be applied window and door frames guarding these surfaces from dust and debris. The protective coating can be left in place for up to three years.

Shield to Protect™ also use other tapes and films to cover tracks and frames to increase protection.

Peelable protective coatings - we use extra film and tape

We clearly mark the property where Shield to Protect™ has applied any protective coating, so all contractors and cleaners are aware the peelable protective coating is in place.

Peelable protective coatings - we use extra film and tape

The product is easily removed in one single piece (no rips or tears) by cleaners or other contractors. The peelable coating reduces down to create minimal waste on site.

It's a cost effective solution that delivers on-site protection for homes, apartment blocks, commercial sites and renovations.

Shield to Protect™ Seals it. Protects it.  

Shield Services - Builders Clean, Silicone Sealing Services
Shield Service provide peelable, protective coatings for home construction sites,  silicone sealing, carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaningpest controlbuilders cleans.  

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